Seven Hills Swim and Tennis Club has a waiting list for membership. To be added to the waiting list please contact us or fill out the 2019 membership form.

For additional membership details you may also review the Seven Hills Swim and Tennis Club by-laws or review our frequently asked questions below.


Q. Does the membership include both swim and tennis?

A. Yes, this is an all-inclusive membership

Q. How much does it cost to join Seven Hills?

A. Annual family dues are $1,152 and annual individual dues are $840. There is also a one-time membership application fee of $1,750 per family and $700 for an individual membership.

Q. Is it possible to join for just swimming or just tennis?

A. No, we do not offer a separate membership. Every membership includes both swim and tennis.

Q. Is there a single membership available for my child?

A. We only offer single memberships to people 18 years of age and older.

Q. Can my child swim on the swim team without being a member of Seven Hills?

A. The Nashville Swim League has guidelines for swimmers that require that each swimmer be a paying member of the club or an employee of the club.

Q. Will there be a charge to bring guests to the pool and / or tennis courts?

A. Each family or single member receives 5 complimentary guest passes per season. Additional guests are $5 per guest, and birthday parties are $3 per guest.

Q. May I have a party at the club?

A. Yes, we welcome parties! Each party must be scheduled through our pool manager so that it fits within our club schedule. Contact us today to schedule your event